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The company´s ethos:
To source good quality property in the best locations.

Target Estates was founded in August 2015 by William Morillas. Since then the company has grown from client to client and from sale to sale. The mission and focus of our company has always been and always will be to "focus on what the client is looking for", listening and finding the perfect property for our client.

For us the real estate industry is not a show on netflix or being a public figure on instagram, it is not a luxury but rather a privilege and above all a service to all our clients. Target Estates is now in a transformation phase due to the challenges that Covid 19 has brought to our world so we have restructured the company and made a 380 degree turnaround and Target Estates is becoming an International agency

The team is made up of George, William, Mar, Mate, Nicolas, Damaris, Vanessa and Erika from different nationalities and we continue to grow little by little on the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande, the US and soon Costa Rica.

In the process of Transformation we have applied basic technological tools to give an integrated service to our clients and foreign investors to make the search for the right property easy and efficient. Also with the Airbnb platform and other similar tools we have created a professional system and process to bring an attractive return on property investment. We hope and look forward to connecting soon!