8 Essential Visits in Mijas Pueblo

The beautiful white village of Mijas is outstanding for many reasons. Located a few kilometres from the coast of Fuengirola, about 400 meters above sea level in the southern slopes of Sierra de Mijas, this municipality is one of the most popular White Villages on the Costa del Sol, with 33% foreign population.

This popularity is partly due to its proximity to the most known coastal cities which facilitates a day trip to enjoy the beautiful streets and squares of this typical village whose old town retains the layout of Arab origin and where you can enjoy beautiful views of the coast and the mountains.

Mijas Pueblo

The best thing to do in Mijas Pueblo is strolling without direction and discovering its narrow streets and white houses decorated with flowers. The village has specialized in tourism throughout the year and yet has maintained its charm.

Along with an enjoyable stroll we can highlight the following places and monuments that are worth a visit.

A few meters from the central square is situated the Hermitage of Virgen de la Peña, the patron saint of Mijas, which was carved into the rock in the sixteenth century. Also of great historical value is the Mudejar style church Immaculate Conception, originally Arabic from the ninth century and reformed into a Christian church in the sixteenth century, as well as the remains of the old Arab wall.

Along the walk you come to a very particular bullring for its architectural form with an oval ring. In the town there are several museums, including the curious Museum of Miniatures with the name El Carromato de Max.

In the area of the old Arab wall recently there has been enabled a Botanical Route, a garden area with abundant flora and some fountains where you can enjoy a sit-down in the shade.

Mijas Activities

Since strolling whets the appetite you will love knowing that Mijas has a large number of restaurants and bars serving local and international cuisine.

Because of its particularity we especially mention the Wine Museum, a restored nineteenth century house, where visitors can taste and buy wines with designation of origin Malaga and have some tapas or try a menu and wines in the restaurant.

Mayan Monkey Mijas is the world’s smallest Chocolate Factory. Ideal for families with children where you can visit the factory and make your own chocolate, plus of course buy a vast assortment of fine chocolates.

Finally, the mountain slopes of Sierra de Mijas invite for long walks and hiking in nature, surrounded by pine forests and Mediterranean flora. There are several routes of different difficulty levels.