The Costa del Sol is one of Europe's favorite destinations for living, working, and investing. Malaga, its capital, is recommended for foreign entrepreneurs looking for the ideal place to start new projects or just looking for the perfect place to retire. Many companies choose the city of Malaga to establish their headquarters due to its excellent air connections, talent, and warm and reliable business environment. In the following, we will highlight the international presence of the Costa del Sol through the different services offered by the different companies.

Costa del Sol

Nowadays, any territory is interested in attracting the technology market, and Costa del Sol has become the favorite place for companies like Google. The American company had already set foot in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville), nevertheless, since February 2021, it already has a headquarters in Malaga for the protection of computer systems and many even dare to call the city Malaga Valley (as a tribute of Silicon Valley, the leading center of innovation and high-tech development in California. So that we understand each other: Hollywood for American cinema).


Malaga is the city of choice as a technology destination since it hosts about 60 foreign companies, most of them located in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (Malaga Tech Park), being Rindus Technology one of them. This company is based in Hamburg (Germany) but maintains its services in the Malaga Tech Park, developing software and technology. This company also has a highly qualified staff from different nationalities, both local and foreign, who speak different languages, such as Dutch and English.

Parque tecnológico de Andalucía

However, the Costa del Sol is not only the preferred location for these types of companies but there are also local companies that offer amenities to foreigners who have settled in the area. For example, Germany is a country known for its use of solar panels on its residences (like Spain's blinds lol!) and in the previous content, we mentioned that the largest German community on the Iberian Peninsula is located in Torrox Costa, in Costa del Sol. So if a German resident is looking for a company that suits his needs, he can find one, like Anpasol (Spanish) or NorSun (Norwegian) and without any problem, these companies will provide a service communicating in German and in the different languages that many of these companies offer. In this way, it is easier to satisfy the customer's needs if the company communicates in the language of the client.

panel solar

Other businesses that offer a service in a language other than Spanish include electrical companies, many of which specialize in the English-speaking world. Or Sector Alarm, an alarm company with Norwegian origins, whose main offices are all over Spain, but whose headquarters in Fuengirola has the largest call center and technical service for all customers in Europe. Many of these services came about as a result of foreigners residing in Costa del Sol (the majority European) and as a result of tourism the infrastructure has been built, but we will talk about that later.

sector alarm

Costa del Sol is an attractive place because of its climate, its high quality of life, its cultural offer, its communications, and above all its multiculturalism because once you decide to settle down as a foreigner you don't feel like one, as the Costa del Sol adapts to all your needs. We have mentioned just a few of the many companies that provide services in various languages, but if you would like to know more, please do not doubt to contact us. In the next article, we will talk about one of the most requested services in Costa del Sol, you can not miss it!

edificio tecnológico