What it is, what it does do, and how does it work?

In the following, we are going to provide you with information about the MLS real estate system, but before we explain how it works, we will briefly explain what it is and what it is for: this working system consists of a common real estate exchange that facilitates collaboration between real estate professionals affiliated to the system. In order for you to better understand what we have just explained, we provide you with an example: 
If a client is looking for a property to buy, especially on the Costa del Sol, they are likely to find properties that are either unavailable or off-market. Well, the buyer will visit the properties that best suit his interests, and contact different agents and each of them will show him a particular property. This prevents the creation of a bond between client and agent and also makes it difficult to match the buyer's needs.
 Townhouse for sale in Benahavis
This system makes the whole process easier and more convenient. On the Costa del Sol we have four main MLS systems. The main problem with searching online in the Spanish property market is that the properties are not up to date, and this wastes the buyer's time and energy. To avoid this, we always try to show the buyer the most efficient way to search and buy. If we do a search on behalf of a client, we do not just give them the listings we have, which in many cases are very numerous, but we also provide properties from other agents without the need for the buyer to contact them, so that we present all the options that are on the market. This is very important, as the agents do this hard work and find you the house of your dreams.
Multi-listing service
How does it work? On the basis of an agreement between different companies to share properties and jointly manage the properties. The properties that make up the MLS have the same prices regardless of the company you work with, which means equality in the real estate market, always favoring the consumer. Likewise, our computer tools are adapted to local, provincial, regional, and national businesses, allowing you to work from each of the real estate agencies intermediating the properties managed by the offices of this system.
Although this system is successful in the United States, the country where it originated, more and more European countries such as Spain are opting for it, as we feel the spirit of sharing among professionals. The aim is to create trust with the client, with a homogeneous criterion and a complete and quality service. If you would like to know more about this way of working, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be happy to provide more information and help you with whatever you need.
The client benefits from the mls
Do not hesitate to contact one of our agents to help you in a quick and efficient way to find the property you are looking for without wasting time with properties that have not been updated.