Target Estates Property Rentals



Our property rental service offers a full package for your rental property. We focus mainly on short-term rentals as it is much more profitable than long term but we can also help with long term if needed. Our offer is in 3 simple steps:


BOOKING MANAGEMENT: We take care of the marketing to get maximum bookings according to your criteria, meet guests, welcome pack, Guardia civil registration and create a great customer-based service.


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DURING BOOKINGS: We are on it before, during, and after the rental period to make sure the property is always in a great standard for 5-star reviews.


OWNER PROPERTY ACCOUNTING: We are TRANSPARENT with our accounting and we provide a complete balance sheet so you know what comes in and goes out.


We have an exclusive offer for Residential Inbisa Mijas. The first year is 10% + Vat for each booking plus cleaning 10€/hour and the rest of the years will be 15% + vat + 10€/hour cleaning. 


Get in touch for more details.