Anyone who visits the Costa del Sol for the first time in their life falls in love with this unique region. And if you are lucky enough to live here, you will not want to go anywhere else, because the Costa del Sol has everything you need for a dreamy life. It is considered one of the privileged areas of the Iberian Peninsula for countless reasons, but one of the main ones is the tranquillity and security it offers. Its quality of life and low incidences of crime makes La Costa del Sol one of the safest areas in the world.

But why is Costa del Sol safer?  I think we all understand what safety means vs crime or social unrest or insecurity. It is vitally important that there is always respect and tolerance so that coexistence culture is healthy and peaceful. Spain is the sixth safest country in the world and the fourth in Europe with the lowest crime rate, and rightly so because in this country all people have equal access to public spaces, which helps to create a peaceful atmosphere.


For example in Spain, a widespread tradition is to go for walks. Well, this can be done completely alone in the street without fearing for your own safety and integrity at any time of the day (yes, even at night!). The Costa del Sol also has safe parks and squares for children, away from the road and with facilities adapted for the little ones. In addition, they are well lit at night and have signs to regulate activities and even meeting points. It is a tradition in the villages to see children playing in the squares, an image that takes us back to the past, as this does not happen in other countries due to insecurity or social unrest.


The economic level is also relevant. The relationship between cost and quality of life makes the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain, one of the most interesting options for a quality of lifestyle that is affordable, as it is incomparable with other places in the world. In general, you need less money to live on the Costa del Sol than in other countries, even in cosmopolitan cities such as Malaga or Marbella. For example, a glass of Ribera del Duero wine costs around 3€, whereas in other countries a glass costs around 8-9€, a beer in a bar costs 2,20€ and in other European countries around 5€, or a dinner for two in a normal restaurant can cost around 40€ and 80€ in countries like the UK or The Netherlands. In short, a foreigner will have a higher purchasing power living on the Costa del Sol than in their own country, enjoying moderate prices at a reduced cost.


In the previous letter we mentioned the excellent connections that the Costa del Sol has by land, sea, and air, so moving from the south to the rest of the peninsula is not only practical and safe but also cheap. Malaga-Costa del Sol airport is one of the Spanish airports whose routes connect with some of the main cities in the world. Low-cost airlines allow a greater number of users to travel around Europe, seeking to lower the price of their fares to make them more accessible (depending on the season) but in most cases much cheaper than other areas of the world.


Nowadays the Costa del Sol is one of the most attractive places when looking for a place to live and it is because it has an essence that makes it the perfect place to formalize a life, such as security and good quality of life, among many other things. Through this space, we always try to show the advantages of living in a place like the Costa del Sol over other places. To start getting to know this coastal area for yourself, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to find you the perfect residence, and do not miss our next letters, there is still a lot to discover about this culture! If you have any questions or topics you would like to know more about Spain or Costa del Sol, please let us know!